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Our company

Carolina de Cunto is an architect and designer, she studied paint for many years in the greatest Art studios and workshops of Uruguay. Since she was a little girl her passion was creating things as a fashion designer.

With her brother Nicolás, they started a business together, creating and handcrafting exclusive bags, handbags, purses, totes, wallets and small goods made of leather. WEARABLE ART is their everyday mission and the guidance.They work with the concept of bringing the art to daily use objects and, they love to see a Customers carry a Carolina De Cunto bag, feeling they are wearing a piece of art.

The bags and purses are manufactured with committed hands, socially responsible. Uruguay has a rich tradition of cattle raising and leather tanning. For generations,they grew up on breeder family linked to work with leather design, and handcraft products.

Nicolas is an external trade technician and worked for 15 years in our father's shoe factory, he is the one to make sure manufacturing is at perfection and Carolina is who designs the models and styles in bags and wallets. Together They combine experience and knowledge to create unique, top quality, original bags and handbags, wallets and leather goods.

They select all raw materials themselves, utilize renewable best available selected items, which are environmentally friendly.
When creating and designing a piece, Carolina inspiration comes from architecture and the Arts, also from fashion and trends, combining different textures and colors in one object, playing and experiment with contrasts and harmonies, always looking to surprise her Customers.

Hand painted bags are worked as one piece of art to wear, to enjoy, using self development painting techniques accomplished with years of experimentation. As every piece of art , every painted handbag has Carolina´s signature.

The care for every detail brings a finish product made of the highest possible quality: the design we look for a handy and practical comfort in every piece, with the esthetics and finishing touches to have a one of the kind product. To guarantee the maximum durability possible, we use YKK zippers, known as the best of the world in quality. Our hardware is custom made for us with the best quality materials, with our monogram made in metal as a signature, our brand is quality. The monogram is a spiral, symbol of evolution, our permanent change for the best in every challenge.

We always made ladies handbags, and we are good at that ! Now we are starting with men´s wallets, men´s bags, and men´s accessories made of leather.

Annually they present their handmade products in International design fairs, like :
La Foire en París, L'artigiano in fiera in Milan, Import Shop in Berlin, Couromoda in San Pablo and Feria Puro Diseño in Buenos Aires, among others.

This year there are big news! They were chosen and invited to be part of the 4th. Bienal Iberoamericana of Diseño in Madrid. The protagonist were our hand painted Handbags, our WEARABLE ART.

We combine together tradition, art and fashion, with beauty and quality as principals, getting as a result unique designer pieces with signature.